Meet Amalea

Welcome to my website! Amalea is Greek for Amy. It's always been  pretty clear to me that I owe my love for jewelry to my ethnic heritage - I come from a large family of creative types! We're not shy, we love color, and celebrate the beauty of this wonderful world every chance we get!

Making beautiful jewelry is part of that. Whether it's a design using natural gemstones and precious metals, or grains of glass fused to metal in the kiln, I want a woman to feel and look a little extra special in my jewelry. I'm drawn to the colors and forms of nature, the miracle of gemstones from the earth, the magical processes of creating enamel elements and transforming metals. I enjoy creating jewelry that enhances a woman's "look" and in turn, often, her outlook! The greatest pleasure comes when I see someone wearing one of my pieces and I know it makes her happy!

For 13 years, I owned The Little Studio in Morgantown, West Virginia, and was a Tamarack artist. In 2019, my husband Pete, rescue puppy Whiskey, and I moved our home and my business to Palm Harbor, Florida…because…well…Florida!

Now Amalea Jewelry can be found at festivals throughout the year along the central Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State, and soon, on my Etsy page. For my full schedule, visit my Festival Schedule page.

Want to know more? Here's an article from Morgantown Magazine from a few years ago.

So please, check out my jewelry and let me know if I can make something special for you!  "Like" Amalea Jewelry on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram.

Peace by piece...

Amy Johns